The inspiration for this special project in collaboration with the KMSKA stems from my deep admiration for the complexity and individuality of dogs. Every dog is a world unto itself, with its own personality, quirks, and emotions. By placing more than 100 dogs together in a single setting, I hope to capture the beautiful diversity of their characters and present them as a symphony of living beings that are just as unique and valuable as humans.
The steps of the Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp provide the perfect backdrop for this. By placing them there, a location traditionally reserved for the display and celebration of art, I want to elevate dogs on World Animal Day. In creating this image, I aimed to capture the setting as purely and organically as possible, without altering it much. That's why I chose to drape the people, making them an ornament of the museum, so that only the animals are recognizable.
Symphony Of Dogs, Royal Museum Of Fine Arts Antwerp 2023
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